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Terry on her way to France to see Aly and Eugene.

Super-moon high tide causing havoc with the nesting oyster catches. Isolated as the storm tossed waves swamp their nests perched on tufts of reeds.
Jog after a day of storms meant that I had plenty of puddles to stomp through. The magic blue tape making a reappearance as my Achilles is a tad unhappy. Perhaps a result of my ladder antics as I sort the light string in the trees of the parking area?
‘Belly Roll’, a portrait of a child at ‘Wit-lokasie’. One of the girls in the dancing troop at Melvin’s restaurant. Vibrant colours jumping from the canvas. Purple madder (Ferrario 38) one of the colours from my magic box is finished, which is a bother. Fortunate I still have Monaco Madder (Ferrario No.41) that I’m using for the dark areas of the portrait.
Drunken stagger from the water with the surf ski catching the wind that seemed to intensify with each step.
Wilderness for the night to catch up with Lesa and Alan. Rain lifting long enough to sit out and watch the sunset with a bunch of red wine. A stop at the wine shop at Timber Lake. The Pinot from Boplaas a tad disappointing. The Alvi’s Drift Fusion, stunning.
Paintings packed and heading to their new homes.

In his time Jan has been an electronics, nuclear and power system engineer, a strategist, a humanitarian and an artist. A career path linked by creativity and innovative thinking. Initially trained at the Johannesburg College of Art, Jan has won numerous international awards and has exhibited nationally and internationally. He can be found in his studio ‘Jandreart’ located at Thesen Harbour Town, Knysna.

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