Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Suzi’s Christmas table, beautiful set, a runway for Santa and his sleigh. An outstanding meal with good company, where time stopped.
Rain bringing some relief to the hot, dry days. Not that it impresses the holiday makers and turns busy restaurants with their outside seating into centers of chaos. A chance for exhausted fire-fighters to catch a breath.
Possibly the best burger in the world. The Epicure (Lyon, France) inspired, Kirsten burger with Foie gras and cramalised onion, served on a grilled black mushroom. Recreated on the patio of the Studio Apartment, under a playful full moon. Le Chevalier Dino, a smooth, chewy, serious Bordeaux wine, full of Eugene’s laughter, quite splendid. PAPILLOTES DE NOËL from Révillon Chocolatier (sent from Aly in France) to finish the evening, scrumptious.
A summer, cheery painting, ‘Agapanthus’. The intensity of the roses a bit unexpected, creating a balance for the intensity of the blue sky. A tad more detail than I was initially looking for.
Sun bleached hair. Bronzed skin. Beat up merc, plied high with surfboards. The sound system worth ten times the value of the car. Lost on Phantom Pass, looking for a backroad to J-Bay. Perhaps there is an undercurrent relationship between surfers and mountain bikers, in a similar way to that between whales and elephants? Or perhaps is just that we inhabit the coolest parts of the world? 
The small water feature on the patio garden has been appropriated by the Cape Eagle Owls as their bathing and drinking source. A large stone will hopefully assist them and be easier to manage than balancing on the water pump. Their fledgling, embarking on its first flights. 


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