Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Exotic cars. Roar of powerful engines. Lights searing the darkness. Focus, the world encapsulated within their mobile phones. All, oblivious to the magic of the owl fledging screaming for food, a glance away.
Pâté de campagne with roast pears and chèvre chaud, our Christmas lunch menu. Broccoli and asparagus parcels with the red pomegranate that touch of Christmas colour.  
Tiger, pouring his heart into his music as the sun disappears behind the mountains. His guitar creating magic that invigorates, and yet is calming. That elusive artistry of natures fleeting perfection, encased in a web of music brilliance.
‘Tumbled’, oil on canvas 30cmx30cm. A commission of seagulls. Inspired by the daily drama of seagulls hurtling themselves at the owls sitting in the Harbour Town mast, hunting for food.
Jog along the lagoon, continuous social interaction as cyclists, runners and walkers keep a constant chatter. 


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