February 2017
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Thunder and lightning over the distant mountains. Tempranillo from Baleia Estate excellent with the bolognese sauce, which I managed to keep off my shirt! Portrait of Johannes completed with a few touches of pure white to catch the light. The burnt sienna colour from Charvin giving the painting a rich luster. The contours of his face responding well to the cooler grey of ultramarine

Sunshine Coast. Leg and bum muscles complaining their abusive treatment as we make the most of the pristine beaches that stretch to the end of the world. The sea gentle and cool enough to bring relief to sweating bodies. Even my skin has a sort of golden, beach holiday, sheen to it. It was the moons fault. Evaporating my wine. The bright light ensuring

Demonstrations in the studio filling the days between admin chores, keeping the studio windows cleaned after rain days and the crating of paintings heading to their new homes. The small paintings of sunbirds and protea have been sold and I will need to think of a new series to do. Perhaps I will revisit the seahorses? For the portrait of Johan, I used a palette

After a couple of gentle cycles, I headed out on Hirsh's route. Simola as a starter with the Gouna Pass as desert and a nasty climb towards Kom se Pad in between. Exhausting. A tad much for my fitness levels. Made enjoyable by the beautiful forest after the rain. That the last bit is downhill certainly helps. Ashton, outside the Route 62 Station where