Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Demonstrations in the studio filling the days between admin chores, keeping the studio windows cleaned after rain days and the crating of paintings heading to their new homes.
The small paintings of sunbirds and protea have been sold and I will need to think of a new series to do. Perhaps I will revisit the seahorses?
For the portrait of Johan, I used a palette of Quinacridone Rose and Raw Sienna for the skin tones, with Burnt umber and ultramarine for the Cool dark tones, and burnt sienna and ultramarine for the Warm dark tones. Both colours, with white were used for the mid-tonesa me highlights. I added dabs of Alizarin Crimson as contrasts.
Not sure how I managed to get an arm covered in blood on my jog? The mornings decidedly darker as summer starts it’s slow retreat. The cooler mornings making for perfect cycling conditions. Not that it seems to get any easier! 
Slow roasted pork belly mostly disintegrated with far too much fat that needed to be turfed. The dishwasher has decided to join the striking worker class. Perfectly timed for the arrival of Edith and Fredy and Tim and Sarah’s visit.


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