March 2017
  -    -  March

Golden sunsets. A chill to the air. Heralding a hint of summers end. The wind, exhausted by summer. Content to rest early. Red wine and pizza. The fire stirring.  But for now, it has a bird trapped behind the glass. Yelling it's indigence when the door is opened and it flits to freedom. Perhaps a nest in the chimney, not the best idea? The climb

The combination of an oxygen high at first light dashing through the forest, combined with the smell of freshly cut pine and red wine still pumping through your veins must be close to the 'Exilir of Life.'  On a perfect evening the 'Open Studio' brought a bunch of new people to the studio, with lively discussion on technique, subject matter, material and the dichotomy

Friday Market. Flavoursome, spicy curry with a fabulous chocolate roulade starter.  Blood. Seemingly a standard at the end of each ride. The bouncing across corrugated roads throwing my feet from the pedals. Sudden stops caused by that unexpected rocky incline and the wrong gear selection. Loosing concentration at the end of a ride while parking the bike. A gazillion reasons that have me searching

A bit of fun with the underpainting of the portrait using both hands to cover the area as quickly as possible. Without creating a mess, the real challenge.   French country pate and red wine for lunch, after spending the morning messing about with paint. Cosmos flowers, one of those subjects not to touch. Partly as there are a gazillion paintings depicting cosmos, and partly as

Fires raging, turning the skies into apocalypse 'Turner' sort of sunsets.   The first of the photo-books of paintings (Afghanistan) that are still available for sale has been printed. The quality better than expected and certainly something to be completed for the other countries and painting collections. For now, my life is controlled by the arc of a pendulum encased in the Viennese Regulator that