Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Friday Market. Flavoursome, spicy curry with a fabulous chocolate roulade starter. 
Blood. Seemingly a standard at the end of each ride. The bouncing across corrugated roads throwing my feet from the pedals. Sudden stops caused by that unexpected rocky incline and the wrong gear selection. Loosing concentration at the end of a ride while parking the bike. A gazillion reasons that have me searching the ‘flats’ vs ‘clipless’ pedals debate.
First jog after shredding my toe. The storm keeping me cool. The wind, hectic. My bothersome Achilles mostly behaving
The waters of the lagoon, an armada of sails, as the annual regatta gets underway. The wind, playing with the yachts as they fight to stay upright in the squalls. Rescue boats buzzing about catching the drifting boats.
My painting confined to bits of wood to build a picket fence. Storage for the fireplace wood the objective. Carpentry skills not my best.
Studio busy. A new series of small elephant paintings, based on the Elephant Sanctuary. Most of the small elephant paintings have sold as have a couple of bigger paintings. Memories heading to new homes, which is both special and a tad, nostalgic. 

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