April 2017
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Sunrise through the mist, chimneys of steam, shadows of a past age. The glint of the high speed Gautrain. A Turner painting, in another age.  Gautrain, a fabulous way to travel and certainly a stress free way of getting to the Vietnam Embassy in Hatfield for our visas. The staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. A row of derelict shops, festooned with weary 'To-Let' signs,

  Small painting of the Knysna Seahorses heading to its new home. Chocolate Easter egg and red wine in a spot of sunshine, hiding from the wind that carries the cold of snow on the mountains. My portrait of the 'Herdsman' not behaving. Colours that shade of muddy, without the lightness I was looking for. Giving it that overworked, flat look, rather than being fresh and

A still evening after a few days of storms, including lightning and thunder as the gods threw a hissy. The rain ensuring that I had puddles to splash through on my jog.  Bouquet garni, with herbs from the small patio garden pots, for the lamb shanks in anticipation of cold, rainy weather. Red onions with Gorgonzola cheese and broccoli. Crôzes-Hermitage from the cellar at

Wild restlessness. A hint of craziness in the portrait of the Guitar Man. Vibrant turquoise colour from Charvin, combining with the gentler raw sienna and rose madder to add life. Parts of the painting started to feel that they were overworked, so I stopped. Held the first art movie evening, for the new season, at the Studio. Extra chairs needed, which with a bit