Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Crazy hot day made for a pleasant early cycle out to Buffalo Bay. The sunrise playing in the breaking waves. Legs hammered, straining over the hills.

Clare managed to get a couple of photo’s of young homeless women from the feeding scheme at Lourie Park Her ‘dreads’ keeping her hidden and private amongst the press of men looking to get food. Eyes, impossibly dark. Added drama by pushing the composition across the canvas.

Grey-green tree branches and leaves leading the colours of the painting.

Roasted asparagus (beans in my case) and leeks with anchovy and bacon, served with grilled fillet and sautéed mushrooms, Julia Child’s way. The last of the Three Graces 2010.

Wild winds howling. Skies full of smoke. An unreal world. Yachts desperately hanging onto moorings. Leaves dance in mischief. Flames pirouette. Our town burning under the onslaught. Surging pillars of fire. Their, moment of power and glory. Consuming all. Devastation, absolute.

People too traumatized to stand. Cars packed with dogs, cats, children, blankets and the clothing they could grab on evacuation.

Fire patrols out all night watching for new fires from the embers carried on the winds. 

The view out the windows of the studio, captured reality unfolding.


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