Diary of an Adventure

Vietnam Adventures

Hoi An

The airports a pleasure. VietJet, organised and to schedule. Our hotel in Hoi An, a bit like a boarding house room, with a fabulous outdoor courtyard under the colourful lanterns that are synonymous with Hoi An. 

We opted to stay at the hotel restaurant for a selection from their speciality menu. Everywhere has their own version of spring-rolls. These had ginger, garlic and some sort of seafood in a lacy rice roll. Mango, cucumbers, green mint, pork and steamed shrimp (tom cuon xoai dua leo) rolled together was delicious. A dish of sautéed chicken with lemon-grass and chili.

The 15th century old town looks like it belongs at Epcot. A mix of architectural styles, it’s quaint, with its winding river between worlds. None of the city freneticism, well maintained and as many bicycles as scooters. They do like their hooters!

Stopped at a studio to see the abstract works in acrylic, with a couple of woodcuts on silk before taking refuge in the quiet Reaching Out Tea House. Still not convinced about tea as the drink of choice.

Mrs. Thuy at the bustling central market our lunch stop. Stuffed squid with pork, mushrooms and bean thread noodles (Muc Nhoi Thit). Not an automatic choice for me, but it was splendid. Refreshing vegetable spring rolls before dashing out to stay ahead of the rain.


One thought on “Vietnam Adventures

  1. Ann Raats

    Hi Jan darling

    It all sounds so interesting and quaint. No wonder people who have been there come back raving. So pleased you decided on this longer visit so that you get more that just a passing look at it all. You can set up a “Travel to Vietnam” bureau as a side line when you return!

    My meds seem to be keeping me more comfortable and I’m happier with the reduced mix i’m on now. I’ve had a couple of easier days so more able to do a few things like a walk up and back to the community centre and kitchen duty not such a chore. Seems strange having these everyday things meaning so much in my life.

    Continue to enjoy all the adventure ahead of you both and your paintings.

    Love and blessing to you both


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