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Vietnam Adventures

Early morning in Hoi An

Acrylic on canvas 90cmx60cm

Rain. The ‘sky falling on you’ type. Trendy, if noisy, Uy Viet coffee shop with its potent Saigon coffee. The fragrant tea accompaniment, much more palatable.

Messing about with paint, the floor in our room the studio. Hard it is, and my back certainly doesn’t enjoy the contortions. ‘Drenched in yellow’, a small acrylic on paper to capture the golden colour of the buildings in the old town. Van Gogh yellow! Alleyways of intrigue, weaving between the houses. Coffee culture, the lantern a must.

Roof lines of the old town the inspiration for a painting of the houses along the water front of old Hoi An. Their generally bowed nature working well for my fingers that struggle with straight lines. Not wanting the painting to become architectural, I kept the use of the marker pen to a minimum.

Did our shopping bit through the old town, with input from TripAdvisor, the hotel staff, and the labels saved from bits we had already purchased. The small tailors, difficult to navigate without a guide. In the end, we chose the upmarket Be Be with their competent staff, made easier as they all spoke good English. My well worn linen jacket replaced with a sparkling new version, even if I didn’t choose the zooty lining option. The market stall holders, helpful, particularly where we had Vietnamese labels they could follow.

Searching for the smaller shops, we did navigate through different streets and came across a fabulous deli and coffee stop, The Hill Station. Fabulous cheese, charcuterie and olives for dinner, with a smidgen of wine, in an intriguing old villa. Heaven. An illustrated book by Bridget March on Hoi An, a bonus.

Drenched in Yellow

Acrylic and marker pen on paper

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