January 2018
  -    -  January

Flame Lilie Oil on canvas 76cmx102cm An abstract approach to the painting of summer flowers in Steenbok Park. Responding to the abstract painting that Kirsten is doing that buzz with vitality. The flowering coral tree reminiscent of Klimt’s painting with his ‘waterfall’ of blooms down the canvas, I struggled with dull, flat red colours on the canvas. The yellow of the hibiscus gave way to the

'Pushing the Oars' Oil on canvas 120cmx40cm Water. Hills shrouded in cloud and welcome rain falling. Heart stopping phone call about water cascading out of the apartment. An open tap on the patio following a day of of water outages due to pipe burst in Town. Not the best news after earlier finding a leak in the painting storage area. Fortunately wine boxes the only casualty.

SOLD 'Flower Sellers' Acrylic on canvas 150cmx70cm King Arthur’s carousel horse from Disney. Music box playing in the early hours. Wind stirred memories. ‘Pushing the oars’, a dance of purple. Sampan boat rowers. Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The initial scratching on the canvas conveying so much that the subsequent painting only seems to detract. A bowl of ripe tomatoes, ideal for the feta and tomato tart in the Taste

A New Year, full of promise and mystery. Madelaine’s, or petit Madelaine, those delicious, delicate, golden crumbed, cookies, local to the Lorraine region of France, that have launched a thousand memories. With a classy, literary reputation, having served as Proust's muse in his famous Remembrance of Things Past (À la recherche du temps perdu) Hence, perfect for New Year’s Day. Best served, as fresh