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Great exhibition ‘United Emergence’ by the Knysna Arts Society for Freedom Day. A good selection of art, across a diverse spectrum.

Beach walk (dog play) on a wind free morning.

Courgette bilinis topped with cream cheese and sweet peppers. Grilled chicken breast, anchovy dressing Caesar salad with hot smoked salmon. The Peter Goff Wood’s recipe for chicken and leak pie filling sensational.

A small artwork with recycled plastic water bottle butterflies. On a black canvas to see how the translucence of the plastic and the different shaped lines can be used to enhance the composition. Still using salt-bush for the mark making, although I needed to wait for my blood-sugars to calm down so I wasn’t shaking so badly to have more control.

Loving Sail GP. Horrible that my support is firmly behind Sir Ben Ainsley and the British Sail GP team, rather than the charismatique Spanish. Remarkable sailing.

Run. Out with the full moon and back with a fiery sunrise through the grey clouds. Call of the Night Jar keeping me company up Welbedacht hill.

Butterfly artwork, and the two smaller paintings, crated for the trip to the exhibition in Graaf Reinet.

The canvas for the new portrait on the easel, which need a tad of juggling to get the studio functioning, and lighting sorted to accommodate the large ‘Lotus’ artwork.

In his time Jan has been an electronics, nuclear and power system engineer, a strategist, a humanitarian and an artist. A career path linked by creativity and innovative thinking. Initially trained at the Johannesburg College of Art, Jan has won numerous international awards and has exhibited nationally and internationally. He can be found in his studio ‘Jandreart’ located at Thesen Harbour Town, Knysna.


  • I love the comment on hearing the nightjar on the Welbedacht road the best!! Magical bush sound. Also, the full moon behind your back. 🙂 Nice juxtaposition of the surfboard with your butterflies. x

    May 1, 2021

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