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Small seascape studies for a Commissioned work, to get the composition right and the basic palette. The boiling sea foam difficult at such small scale. A tonal study in grey. Pushed the wave detail and the sky too far. Cobalt Blue and Burnt Sienna for the grey mix, with a Cobalt Blue and Venice Red an alternate grey. For the sea, I used Green Obsidian from Pantelleria (Maimeri Mediterraneo), a touch of French Ultramarine Blue and Cobalt Blue. The wave bits had Cerulean Blue, while the beach was Yellow Ochre and

Herb pot, recycled plastic water bottle butterfly (Photo credit Clare Bosman) Forest walk, with mist and a touch of rain to start, before the sun turned the heat up. For a Border Collie, the puddles irresistible! As are the single tracks. Pathways, of adventure, made to tear down. Slightly larger butterflies from various different plastic water bottles to see how the colours, or white change. For the large (170cmx170cm) Agnes Martin inspired ‘bands’, I need 28 butterflies from the same sort of water bottle for each band to keep them uniform, and

‘Lotus’ Acrylic and recycled water bottle butterflies on canvas 50cmx60cm. A study for a larger work with a softer approach to the saltbush mark-making on the recycled plastic water bottle butterflies. A more restful composition that uses the translucence of the plastic to better effect. Joan Mitchell’s influence in the colourful, compositional rhythms and vivid emotion that takes inspiration from the lotus flowers of Vietnam. Estuary busy with the influx of seasonal yachts and despite the Covid Lockdown beach closures there has been a steady increase in the number of holiday makers

  Red, black and a medium mix for the red squares on my chromatic black painting. The blue squares have blue added to the black and yellow is mixed with that to create the green squares. The studio technique, used by Ad Reinhardt in his black paintings. Using acrylics, I didn’t get the absolute matt finish of his paintings, however it still provides an interesting background to my brightly coloured, Rhenosterveld recycled plastic butterflies. Rubber legs struggling to keep me vertical on my run along the Estuary. With rain that meant I

Chef Hirsch menu of scrumptiousness. Chèvre fried with bread crumbs on tomato, tarragon herb salad and sherry vinaigrette. Tuna tonnato with capers, olive oil and other bits with seared tuna and crushed coriander seeds. Lamb marinated in Z’atar, Sumac & olive oil, with roasted garlic aioli. Huge amounts of wine that made navigating home a tad messy. East Head walk with Prince, who wasn’t sure about the traffic or even why he was out of bed at sunrise. Particularly as the huge moon over the estuary had us up in the