Diary of an adventure
  -  Diary of an adventure

A fabulous exhibition held at Hudson Manor of Henri Lamy’s work from his Art Residence at Entabeni Farm.   Henri is a French figurative painter who uses large gestural marks to create his impressionistic acrylic on canvas works. Intriguing slices of the landscape and people of Knysna were beautifully painted in diverse sizes that stimulated  the imagination of the viewer. His Capoeira ‘Fast Art’ painting exhibition

I was first exposed to painting with beeswax and Damar Resin during our trip to Tasmania a million years ago. Tasmanian artist Philip Wolfhagen was painting large wild landscapes using beeswax as a medium, giving the paintings a rich, smooth texture. Encaustic art is a painting technique that uses hot wax, to which colour pigments are added. The heated wax is added to a specially prepared wooden board, and

‘Reflections’ Acrylic and Recycled Water Bottle Butterflies on Wooden Block My submission to the Art Society '30 Shades of Green' Exhibition. The small butterflies a tad trying to cut out and paint. A fair bit of mess. Fabulous evening at Cloud 9 for Tim’s birthday celebration. With the weather turning chilly, as winter started to flex its muscles, grateful for the thoughtfully designed terraces and dining