Diary of an adventure
  -  Diary of an adventure

My Studio and Gallery has a new home at Kupenda (Love in Swahili) African Art Gallery, which is a few minutes walk up the road from the apartment.   It’s a stunning space, in a newly renovated building that was part of the KWV warehouses sitting amongst the historical part of the town. The courtyard is till under construction so a back to a building site

An interesting few days participating in the Montagu Tourism Indaba, with its focus on introducing tourist venue, suppliers and destinations to each other. I was partnered with Kupenda African Gallery, which is five minutes walk up the road from the apartment, situated in a renovated KWV building. Quite splendid. Fortunately the wind behaved so were weren't chasing canvases across the golf course! Zandvliet ensured

The wind, that has been howling for the past few days. Unexpected. Clouds building over 'Bloupunt'. Storm hurtling in. A week since the professional move by Albertina Vervoer, offloaded the house into the new apartment at ' Les Presoir' in Montagu, and my paintings to the storage in Robertson. Rainbow Glen, our sanctuary as we settled Prince into a new home. Open stairs that creak