Burqua Woman
  -  Burqua Woman

Oil on Canvas board 60cmx50xm


‘The strength of the Buskazshi mounted warriors dominating the blue Burqua covered woman. A flash of defiance in the red peaking out from beneath the burqua.

Although we are still under security restrictions, I went for a walk around a couple of blocks, and stopped at the pool for a swim. You have to change clothes about a million times a day here. I have my painting shirt and shorts which I start the day out it. Then when I go up to swim, I have to put my tracksuit on and change into my bathers at the pool. After the swim, it’s another change back into my tracksuit for the walk home, and then its either shorts or painting gear. If I want to get nan form the shop, back on with my tracksuit for the walk along the road, and back into shorts when I get home. For my afternoon walk into town, I need jeans and my boots as you can’t be sure how dreadful the stuff is underfoot. Back at the house, the boots come off, and shorts reappear. If I go out to dinner, then it’s back on with jeans and boots. A circus it most certainly is!’

Afghanistan Diaries