30 Paintings in 30 Days
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Strandlopers Oil on Canvas 30cmx30cm Blouberg beach at first light. Where dogs play. Surfers scan the sea for wave action. People walk along the miles of wide beach, senses assaulted by the fresh kelp. A couple of old men wonder the shoreline looking for anything that may have been brought in on the tide. The ‘Strandlopers’. The beach their home. The sea their treasure chest.

Rose Cottage Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm The Rose garden at Vergelegen with the old Rose Cottage that used to be the tea room. I worked hard not to get bogged down in the architectural details of the gable wall, to create that slightly neglected spinster aunt feel.

Cascade of Colour Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm The triad of secondary colours (Violet, green and orange) from colour theory basics, appeared naturally in the spring garden of Heather's House at the Village. With the profusion of colour, the challenge was to find a balance and adjust the composition to ensure there was a focal point. Used a slightly larger canvas to give me a bit more freedom,