Messing About with Paint
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Customs Market Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Alongside the busses departing for Kampala from Juba, women sit on the edge of the road, their wares spread around them for the inspection of people rushing past. Their vulnerability and bravery, amongst the chaos, were the key elements I wanted to capture, using a small canvas to emphasize the multidimensional constraints. Scarves providing movement and life to the

Isis Oil on Linen 50cmx40cm At the cottage in the vineyards, I changed the painting above the fireplace to the portrait of the girl in Lakes, South Sudan. Although, much smaller than any of the previous paintings we have had in that spot, the space around her adds to the air of mystery. I have updated, my website with the paintings from France. As always, a

Tea Time Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm (Available) Waxbills and Red Bishop birds are companions on my jog around Juba3. Seeing Alison's great photo of waxbills I decided to do a painting. Not that I have ever painted birds before! After a massive fight, with feathers everywhere, a painting asserted itself.

Walled City Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm (Available) The old city of Viviers, the pale walls iridescent in the early evening of summer. On my jog around the UN House circuit, the cloud formation above Rock City hills, displayed the limitations of the sky I painted. In a friendly sort of, this is the creator, sort of way. Being in France, in summer, with the sunflowers out was

Summer flowers Oil on Canvas 50cmx40cm (Available for sale) The traffic circles in Saint-Égrève, on the edge of Grenoble, are exquisitely planted in hot yellows, reds and oranges. Leaves in tonal greens providing respite from the intensity of the flowers, while delicate white-pink flower sprays, are like fountains, cooling the scorching summer heat. I kept the background simple, with a single shuttered window to provide context.