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Portrait of the herbalist who has a table on the odd occasion amongst the fruit and vegetable vendors near the taxi rank. His dreads piled up under a beanie in the traditional Rasta colours. The angles of his hair, and how the planes of his face were at odds with his smile gave me a hard time composing a portrait that was true to

Portrait of Anton. The engineer in me wanting to control the lines and proportions of the face to follow the rules. However, his face had its own planes, and quirks that were, his character. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ type colours of treasure. I used Permanent Madder Deep, with Ultramarine blue for the dark colour. To break the high translucency of the madder and blue, I used

In his new home I'm William, Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm I used a limited ‘Zorn’ palette of Burnt Sienna (Red earth colour) and Raw Sienne (yellow earth colour), with Ultramarine Blue. Fun to use because you have to focus on the value structure and the warm/cool dimension. You also watch your edges more. This really makes you pin down the structure of what you are

Oil on Canvas 124cm x 91cm Indigenous Erica's growing at J9, with a touch of artistic license. The painting has a strong masculine left, with a gentler feminine right has side. The red flowers, smaller to balance the dominant colour, especially with the orange gold underpainting. Pink Erica flowers gentler against the softer pastel like green and blues. I used stronger pink sections to link

New exhibition  Discover the heart, passion and romance in the art of Jandre, inspired by a world of humanitarian travel  Walk the Champs-Élysées in Paris, reflect in the sun-dappled waters of the Villa Borgheses gardens in Rome, sit quietly under a parasol in the Sankeien Gardens in Yokohama. Picnic in a hilltop village above the French Rhone River.  Imagine the fragrance of an English rose-garden, and smell

Oil on Canvas 30cmx120cm. Sold off the easel. Special Composition constrained by the long thin canvas, inspired by a photo taken by Berand of a yacht going through the Heads. Too many conflicting ideas in my head about how to make the painting work. The narrow canvas to restrictive for the brooding skies I started with and the grey-blue pallet too flat. A bit of blood on

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm eachThe seahorses are elusive and masters of disguise.  By blending them into the background and using colours of fantasy, the seahorses in the paintings are things of mystery.  The challenge to make the three panels work together as a unit, or individually.