Messing About with Paint
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Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm Available for Sale $1,800.00 The view today from the studio out towards Phantom Pass. Although, today the view is obscured with the rain sheeting down. It reminds me of the Italian lakes, with the green forests and reflections of the building beyond the railway bridge. Kept the composition low to give room for the sky. However, this did restrict space of the reflections, which

Ernest, Honourable Mention Winner at LICC 2015    Submission The composition of my portrait of Ernest wasn't sitting correctly on the canvas. He felt either overawed by the space around him, or caught in headlight dazzle. I used the 'Fibonacci Sequence' to determine the golden points and cropped the portrait so his eye was centered on one of them. I then tilted the composition by 5 degrees

Oil on Canvas 60cmx90cm The canvas confronts me. Already, my mind has etched a picture into its fabric. How it emerges, however, is still debatable?  There is a repetition of what I have done before.  Smudged by frustration to do better.  To go beyond what has become the norm.  For now. I have taken those first tentative steps, that could lead to the predictable.  Or they could.  Move to something

Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm Spring wildflowers emerging from the canvas. A kaleidoscope of colours. I chose an intermediate canvas size (90x60cm) as there seemed too much going on for a small painting, yet the larger canvas would have meant abnormally large pincushion protea. Amongst the mush of colour, botanically, the Arum Lily and Pincushion Protea are somewhat identifiable. A tad more imagination is needed for

Italian Farmer Oil on Linen 60cmx35cm A painting outside Turin, Italy below the fabulous  Malvira Estate in Canale, which specialises in local cultivars that have been grown in the Piemonte. The canvas, Italian Linen, from an art supply shop in Turin, gives the painting texture.