-  Dancer
impressionist painting ballet dancer

Oil on Italian Linen 35cmx50cm

Available for Sale $3,200.00 (Including Courier Fees)

“I can feel the movement & the grace within the strokes. Just lovely 💕” Robyn Heenan
“As an ex-ballet dancer, I have to say that I often cringe when I see an artist try and fail to get the lines that a dancer produces, particularly the legs and feet. But you got it perfectly!! It’s the line that follows from the hip down the front of the leg and then to the arch of the foot. It’s the first thing a dancer notices about another dancer, and the first thing I noticed in this painting. On top of that, the angles of the arms to the legs is also absolutely perfect. 
I have suspicions that you too may have donned a tutu in the past to understand that beauty in the lines that you’ve captured so perfectly!!!
Degas would impressed, that’s for sure!!!”
Ashly Barnes