Impala Lilies
  -  Impala Lilies


Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm

Available $2,200.00 (Including courier fees)
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‘On my jog I noticed the stunning pink and white star flowers on a succulent looking plant, which I’m sure are the summer impala lily, (Adenium swazicum), also known as the Swazi lyli. The sap and tuber is reported to have tremendous medicinal properties, if toxic in its raw state. I did find out that taking photos in your shorts is a bad idea and I now sport a gazillion mozzie bites!

For my painting of the Impala Lilies, I used a green underpaying to give added depth to the flowers. Underpaying is something I’m beginning to use more frequently, particularly as my raw linen canvases are finished.

A balance between using less paint to increase the translucence of the petals and getting the intensity of the colour.

As the paint dries I may smudge it to soften the lines.’

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