Iris and Foxgloves 2
  -  Iris and Foxgloves 2


Oil on canvas 80cmx80cm

Available $4,600.00

Winner of an Honourable Mention of ‘Art of Outstanding Quality’, International Botanicals Exhibition 2020.

Abstract swirls through colour spaces, that captivate. Although it felt like I had done a tad too much, it retains the delicate, simplicity of the composition I was striving for.

A peach colour underpainting of Indian Yellow and Quinacrine Rose, with touches of Permanent Carmine, in bold sweeps. The blue of the Iris flowers seemingly beyond grasp. In my box of magic paints, Indigo Blue. (Van Dyk Ferrario No. 57) and Mineral Violet Deep (No 47) that touch of inspiration.
For the foxgloves, I used a mixture of Alizarin Crimson (Winsor&Newton Artists) and Violet Rose Madder (Ferrario No 48)

The painting is also featured in our Wearable Art Range, as a 100% silk scarf. Limited numbers are available and can be ordered online during lockdown restrictions, couriered at no additional charge.














Companion painting: ‘Irises and Foxgloves 1’ Oil on canvas 76cmx104cm





In the studio

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