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Short Listed Winner


Acrylic and recycled plastic water bottle butterflies on canvas

Available $8,750.00 (Including door-to-door courier fees)


sustainable art non representational art recycled plastic water bottle butterflies

Drawing inspiration from the Abstract Impressionist painter, Joan Mitchell and the painting I did of Lotus flowers in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Joan Mitchell’s work, a bridge between Abstract Expressionist and Action painters. Rooted in her emotional response to nature through memories, orchestrating her paintings in energy, mood and emotion.

Collisions of colour that are exuberant against the natural, white areas.

Uncontrollable Saltbush mark-making on the butterflies. My interpretation of the Abstract Expressionists.

Its a beautiful piece. My perception of it is that its high energy with all of the vibrant colors.  It compliments the butterflies which are also high energy creatures.  So nice metaphors at work here.
Jefferey Maresch
sustainable art, recycled plastic water bottle butterflies, abstract art
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