Sitting on the step of the house looking up to the castle glowing in the clear autumn light.

It’s still chilly enough to raise goose bumps, pomegranates glowing like Christmas baubles in the sunlight slanting across the garden.

The first kites of the day, brilliant against the washed out blue sky.


Burqua Women

Oil on Canvas board 60cmx50xm From the Private Collection of the artist The strength of the Buskazshi mounted warriors dominating the blue Burqua covered woman. A flash of defiance in the red peaking out from beneath the burqua. Although we are still under security restrictions, I went for a walk around a couple of blocks, and…

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Young Boy

Oil on canvas 80cmx80cm Available for Sale Walked to Susan’s house in the snow fresh snowfall. Given that it was a holiday, there was minimal traffic about and I could slide across the snow in my best imitation of an unbalanced elephant. The kids, of course, were managing just fine, zooming along in a straight…

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Horse Buggy

Acrylic on canvas 60cmx30cm Available for sale A little girl on a horse buggy; the horse decorated in bright colours, predominantly red tassels. You don’t see them often in Kabul, as they are from Mazar in the North. I don’t have the colours to create the energy, as I’m working from a pallet of Raw…

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