Sitting on the step of the house looking up to the castle glowing in the clear autumn light.

It’s still chilly enough to raise goose bumps, pomegranates glowing like Christmas baubles in the sunlight slanting across the garden.

The first kites of the day, brilliant against the washed out blue sky.


View from a bed

Oil on Canvas board 60cmx50xm (to be confirmed) Available for sale $1,200.00 An ‘edgy’ few hours putting together my painting. It’s not bad, but it still felt strange to be painting with Ali watching every move. It’s also quite difficult to answer the phone with a hand full of paint! Having cleaned up my mess,…

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Burqua Women

Oil on Canvas board 60cmx50xm (to be confirmed) Available for sale $1,200.00 The strength of the Buskazshi mounted warriors dominating the blue Burqua covered woman. A flash of defiance in the red peaking out from beneath the burqua. Although we are still under security restrictions, I went for a walk around a couple of blocks, and…

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Paghman Mountains

Acrylic on Canvas Board 40cmx30cm (to be confirmed) Available for sale $500.00 The sun brought out a whole new side of Kabul. The high Paghman mountains glistening white against the blue sky. An old fortification on the hill dominating the skyline.

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Kabul Mountains

Acrylic on Canvas Board 40cmx30cm (to be confirmed) Available for sale $500.00 The clouds have lifted, leaving a clear view across to the mountains brilliant in their fresh covering of snow. As most people are off work today, there is very little pollution and the air is crisp and fresh.

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Young Boy from Herat

Oil on canvas 60x60cm A young boy I had photographed in Herat, rushing to finish before the light became too bad. The weather people say its -4 degrees so it’s not too silly to be feeling a tad chilly. I did have city power which meant that I had water and could heat it. The…

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Shahr-E-Naw park

Oil on Board 40cmx30cm My painting of the park in spring is complete and my painting bits cleaned and packed away as it will be almost a month before I get back here to paint. I have the next couple of paintings lined up and can already feel the urge to transmit the energy and…

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Young Boy

Oil on canvas 80cmx80cm Available for Sale Walked to Susan’s house in the snow fresh snowfall. Given that it was a holiday, there was minimal traffic about and I could slide across the snow in my best imitation of an unbalanced elephant. The kids, of course, were managing just fine, zooming along in a straight…

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Thousand Yard Stare

Oil on canvas 60 x 60cm Available for sale Portrait of a man sitting on the wall looking out over the Shomali Plains. I’m sitting out on the roof top terrace of the guest house in Jalalabad, short sleeves, a beautiful spring afternoon looking up at the ‘White Mountain’, so called because it has a…

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Oil on Panel 60x50cm The scarf on the Kutchi Girl’s head definitely showing more frenetic strokes, than her face which I did yesterday. The result of a long day at the office?

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Horse Buggy

Acrylic on canvas 60cmx30cm Available for sale A little girl on a horse buggy; the horse decorated in bright colours, predominantly red tassels. You don’t see them often in Kabul, as they are from Mazar in the North. I don’t have the colours to create the energy, as I’m working from a pallet of Raw…

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Shomali Plains

Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Available for sale $2,300.00   A village on the Shomali Plains of Afghanistan, still showing the signs of war.   The hard fought for freedom of a girl being able to run in the open.

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Oil on Canvas 100x75cm Available for sale $5,800.00   The age old game that has its origins in Genghis Khan. Still violent. A source of pride. Horses changing hands for thousands of dollars.

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Kite Runner

Oil on canvas panel 60cmx50cm Available for sale $2,500.00   A boy heading out to fly kites above Kabul, Afghanistan. The gates of the fortress and the distant mountains covered in snow.

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