Tentative first strokes, as if the painting needs to settle itself into the canvas. A bit like a dog circling on its bed before it finds the position that fits its body. Slowly it takes on its own life and the shadows begin to mould themselves into the folds of skin, colours merge and the painting pulses with life. No control over the process as my right hand takes over from my left, the fingers of which are cramping.

If the painting oozes the wisdom, thousands of years, passed between elephants, elephantoms, then it has achieved my expectations.


Delta Lily

Oil on Canvas 70cmx50cm Available $1,500.00 (Excluding shipping and insurance) Water lilies are a subject that, thanks to Monet, are on the never touch list. A bit like sunflowers. The Okavango Delta, however, forces the consideration of water lilies, which I am tackling with a bit more than a spot of trepidation.

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Lone Tree

Oil on Canvas 150cmx90cm Available $3,800.00 Excluding Shipping and Insurance A storm blew up, which gave me the chance to watch the clouds for my painting. It’s quite challenging painting a huge sky filled with cloud and a single tree. Especially after seeing the work at the Met and how simple, yet lively the paintings…

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Oil on Canvas 60cmx70cm Available for Sale $1,500.00 (Excluding shipping and insurance) On the Main Mall in the Big GC, City of the World, an old man sits playing his oil drum guitar, the subject of my next painting. Legend has it that a stranded man once mesmerised predators that wanted to turn him into…

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Liquid Sunset

Oil on Canvas 60cmx70cm Available for Sale $1,500.00 (Excluding shipping and insurance) Painting of Gabs Dam has the vitality of the sunset, the tranquility of being on the water, but also the challenge of its unpredictability. Visceral energy of this, the roiling tumble of elements held in a gentle stasis, that moment of indecision between…

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River Hippie

Oil on Canvas Board 71cm x 57cm Available for Sale $1,500.00 My paints are out and ‘River Hippie’, the face of Stephen Ross Hogge, of Chesapeake blue crab (the basic colours of the painting) fame, is somewhat different to what I was expecting. He looks more like a Musketeer than a fisherman, and I’m not…

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Oil on canvas 76 x 58cm Available for Sale $2,300.00 Excluding shipping and Insurance His face, the rich oranges and reds of the sunset across the desert, highlighted by the pale blue that sneaks into corers of the sky. He has only one eye, but it looks to me as though he should be a…

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Goal Keeper

Oil on Canvas Panel 40cmx30cm (To be Confirmed) Available for Sale $800.00 World cup is definitely the rage. The Botswana people are football crazy anyway (national team the Zebra’s), with a number of games being played across the city at any stage during the day. On my walk to the office, I pass a heap…

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Rasta Man

Oil on canvas 60 x 60cm Available for Sale $2,300.00 Excluding shipping and Insurance Rasta man; more fun smearing paint around with my left hand. He is a hawker on the main Gab’s mall.   While I was painting, I was a bit worried that his face was looking very lopsided. The right eye being…

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Oil on Canvas 120cmx90cm Available $3,800.00 Excluding Shipping and Insurance A mokoro trip, in the Okovango Delta, is one of those things every adventurer needs to do, especially those of us who have coordination challenges. Not that there is any difficulty in balancing in a wide log that has been hollowed out, filled with straw…

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Oil on canvas 76cm x 76cm (from the photograph by Kirsten Weeks) Available for Sale $2,400.00 Excluding shipping and Insurance One of those stereotype, postcard paintings, that didn’t demand a huge amount, other than working the composition from a number of photographs taken on the Chobe River, where the cloud formations are as spectacular as…

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King? Me?

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm (To be Confirmed) Available $1,200.00 Lion cub looking suitable confused, a good state for a male to be in! I used an usual tube of paint that was languishing in the bottom of my paint box, Old Holland Oxide Yellow Lake. I combined this with Indian yellow, Quinacridona Rose, Naples yellow light,…

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