Tentative first strokes, as if the painting needs to settle itself into the canvas. A bit like a dog circling on its bed before it finds the position that fits its body. Slowly it takes on its own life and the shadows begin to mould themselves into the folds of skin, colours merge and the painting pulses with life. No control over the process as my right hand takes over from my left, the fingers of which are cramping.

If the painting oozes the wisdom, thousands of years, passed between elephants, elephantoms, then it has achieved my expectations


The Rock

Oil on Canvas 153cm x 95cm Available $3,800.00 Excluding Courier Fees and Insurance   The elephant that has been present in the studio these past few months, on a large canvas that she dominates. Pushed down into the bottom right of the painting, she has space to retreat into, protecting the calf in her shadow.

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Oil on Canvas 76cmx76cm (from the photograph by Kirsten Weeks) Available for Sale $2,400.00 (Excluding shipping and Insurance)   An elephant in the sunset is amazing on its own, but on this occasion it was chasing the fisherman I loved the guy hiding down the bank on the left, with the light outlining his head.…

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Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Available for sale $1,800.00 ‘Mbaamwezi, on whom the moon shines A small movement on the ground made her look down, where she spotted a tortoise. Not an especially big one, but still its wasn’t often that elephants came across tortoises.’  

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