The East African dream, where spices mingle with nostalgia


Wood Carver

Oil on Canvas 80cmx80cm (To be confirmed) The Tinga-tinga cooperative (a painting style that developed in the second half of the 20th century in the Oyster Bay area in Dar es Salaam) is run from a palm fronded run down shack being enclosed by the modern concrete office blocks that are being built.   There…

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Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm (To be Confirmed) Available for Sale $1,200.00 Cheetah on the plains of the Serengeti. A mother with her cubs, their fur shimmering in the morning sunlight. For them, every blade of grass a new adventure. For her, the serious business of dinner.

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Zebra Scuffle

Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm (To be confirmed) Available for Sale $1,200.00 (Excluding Shipping and Insurance)   Zebra’s on the Serengeti. Still not sure about the third zebra standing nonchalantly to the side. Scuffle we did.

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Oil on Canvas 28cm x 35cm Available for sale $1,200.00 The cove at Tanga. Sea and sky, broken by the water scoured coral formations. A tad challenging for my fingers to get some sort of line for the mast that has sort of scale with the rest of the painting.

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Tanga Bonsai

Oil on Canvas 70cmx26cm Available for sale $1,800.00 Fish Eagle Point – Tanga Fish Eagles wheeling amongst the clouds, brilliantly coloured cushions – damp after overnight rain – sunlight shimmering on the waves, playing on the beach. Fishermen shod in bright pink crocs, somehow blending with grey coral, that carry ‘afro’s’ of green foliage. Secret…

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Beach Kanga

  Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm Available for Sale $2,500.00 (Excluding Shipping and Insurance) A portrait of an old lady selling kanga’s on the beach in Zanzibar. The sellers are vibrantly colourful, the fabric delicate as butterfly wings in the wind. I was able to use the amazing malmeri paint that Kirsten and Amanda bought in NYC,…

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Oil on Linen 35,5cmx45,5cm Available for Sale $1,200.00 I have, at last, managed to do a painting of a Masai. They have been one of highlights of being in Tanzania, regal, friendly, colourful and unique. However, capturing this in a painting hasn’t been possible for some reason. Perhaps an uninterrupted day, while not being exhausted…

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Blue Fishermen

Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm Available for Sale $2,500.00 (Excluding Shipping and Insurance) Fishermen of the coast of Dar, the fishing net helping to break the vertical composition. Blues predominate, broken by the green of the sea, emphasizing, rhythm and flow.

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Oil on Canvas 80cmx80cm Available for Sale $1,500.00 (Excluding Shipping and Insurance) A lady-frying octopus that contrasts the multiple layers of clothing worn by the women within the cooking sheds of the fishmarket, and that of the men in vests, as depicted in my previous painting.

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On the Road to Ruaha

Oil on Canvas 28cmx35cm (to be confirmed) Available for Sale $1,200.00 Green-blue, flashes of yellow, orange and red – sunflowers, autumn leaves and kangas – the colours of the Southern Highlands. Palm covered patio at edge of the Great Ruaha River, fish eagles calling through the mist, mountains and sun obscured – for now –…

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Iringa Wild Flowers

Oil on Canvas 28cmx35cm (to be confirmed) Sold ‘Hasty Tasty Too’, a café in Iringa that has great milkshakes and massive filled chapatti meals. Perfect for calming nerves, before tackling the 100 odd kilometers of bouncing along the ‘Never Ending Road’ to Ruaha National Park. On the counter, a vase of wildflowers.

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Stone Town Soccer

Oil on Canvas 25cmx36cm (to be confirmed) Available for Sale $1,200.00 From my office window I watched the storm approaching, howling winds, lightning and thunder. An artist working on his painting of Stone Town, Zanzibar, seemingly oblivious to the advancing sheet of rain. My own paintings of Stone Town are a tad directionless as I…

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Green Kanga

Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm Available for Sale $2,500.00 (Excluding Shipping and Insurance) People alive on my canvas, the vitality of the fish market in my companion painting to ‘Hells Kitchen’. For now, safe from Polly in her air-conditioned kennel. While I painted in the bumba, a kingfisher flitted in and out of the swimming pool.

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Hells kitchen

Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm Available for Sale $2,500.00 (Excluding Shipping and Insurance) A series of paintings I am doing of the fish market in Dar. Seafood of all descriptions and colour lie on counter tops, waiting for giant, bubbling pots, perched above roaring fires. Men work stripped to their vests, bodies glistening with steam and sweat,…

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