-    -  Fisherman

Oil on canvas 76cm x 76cm

(from the photograph by Kirsten Weeks)

Available for Sale $2,400.00 Excluding shipping and Insurance

One of those stereotype, postcard paintings, that didn’t demand a huge amount, other than working the composition from a number of photographs taken on the Chobe River, where the cloud formations are as spectacular as the elephant.

An elephant in the sunset is amazing on its own, but on this occasion it was chasing the fisherman I loved the guy hiding down the bank on the left, with the light outlining his head.

I didn’t have to do much, other than paint!


Cobalt Blue (Daler-Rowney)

Ultramarine Blue (Rembrandt)

Indian Yellow Deep (Windsor-Newton)

Cadmium Yellow Light (Daler-Rowney)

Chrome Yellow (Daler-Rowney)

Quadricone Rose (Daler-Rowney)

Permanent Magenta (Daler-Rowney)

Permanent Madder Deep (Rembrandt)

Vermillion Hue Middle (Windsor-Newton)

Magenta (Van Dyck Ferraro)

Germanium Lake (Van Dyck Ferraro)

Purple Madder (Van Dyck Ferraro)

Raw Siena (Daler-Rowney)

Zinc White (Rembrandt)

Titanium White (Windsor-Newton)