Summer Flowers

Oil on Canvas 50cmx40cm Available for Sale $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) The traffic circles in Saint-Égrève, on the edge of Grenoble, are exquisitely planted in hot yellows, reds and oranges. Leaves in tonal greens providing respite from the intensity of the flowers, while delicate white-pink flower sprays, are like fountains, cooling the scorching summer heat.…

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Walled City

Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Available $1,800.00 (Including courier fees) The old city of Viviers, the pale walls iridescent in the early evening of summer. On my jog around the UN House circuit, the cloud formation above Rock City hills, displayed the limitations of the sky I painted. In a friendly sort of, this is the…

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Magic Garden

Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper 29cmx23cm Available for Sale $250.00 (Including Shipping)   Our cottage in Viviers-sur-Rhône I used the charcoal as an accent to keep the colors clean. Better.

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French Door

Acrylic and Charcoal on paper 10cmx15cm Available for Sale $100.00 (Including Shipping)   On the hill to the church of Marsanne, an invitation to another world. The charcoal and acrylic still giving me a tough time searching for suggestion and vibrancy through intimation.

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Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper 29cmx23cm Available for Sale $250.00 (Including Shipping) Yellow sunflower fields, and blue skies. Pale stone houses, terra-cotta roof tiles and shutters of lavender. Picture perfect. For now, the wind is no more than a murmour in the absolute quiet of the country side.

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Vue de Viviers

Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper 23cmx29cm Available for Sale $250.00 (Including Shipping) Viviers – Rhône-Alpes Morning walk down to the river and across the bridge, to find the spot where Signac painted his pictures of Viviers. The trees have grown, making it difficult to get his clear view of the bridge and the cathedral on…

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