Portraits are visually arresting, enhancing the room they’re featured in.

I approach each portrait with the purpose of capturing the essence of their lives, formed by the narrative of the stories that I gather by sitting listening to them. Shared moments. Vital. Unique. Mesmerising.

I strive for simplicity, so that the mood and energy in my work empowers people to dream.


Leader of the Pack

Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Available $1,800.00 (Postage included) Amongst the wheelbarrow boys who carry goods for those returning to the Protection of Civilian Camp at UN House, there is one who organizes them. Taller than the small kids who strain under their loads, he walks alongside the laden wheelbarrows and does the negotiation with the…

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Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Available $1,800.00 including postage A portrait of one of the thatching guys at the office. I used a narrow canvas, aggressive with the cropping of the composition. I kept the colours fresh and light to reflect the enjoyment they being to our days as they create their magic.

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Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Available $1,800.00 (Including courier fees) Juba, South Sudan. A young boy clings to survival by carrying impossibly heavy loads of supplies in a wheelbarrow from the taxi stop on the Juba – Yei road into the camp for those displaced by the fighting. Hot colours, of energy, and the heat of…

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Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Available $1,800.00 (Including courier fees) Portrait of an old women in South Sudan. My energy not quite at the levels I would have liked and the painting feels a tad disjointed.

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Cheque Mate

Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm Available $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) A chess player in Juba Town, his face twisted in concentration. I used the monochrome pallet to reinforce the planes of his face. A dab of colour to stop it from being boring!

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The Reader

Oil on Canvas 60cmx50cm Available $2,800.00 (Including courier fees) Portrait of an old man on a Sunday afternoon in Tokyo. I used oxide green (rather than blue) for the shadows, which opened new colour choices .Especially appropriate for the pale Japanese complexion.

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I Have Seen it All

Oil on Linen 40cmx50cm Available $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) A women in Aweil, South Sudan, turned out to meet the Director General of DFID. Adamant that she was going to have her say about needing education for mothers. Her intensity, sparkling.

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Women in a Blue Top

Oil on Linen 40cmx50cm Available $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) Whenever I do a painting in the dark brown tones my head fills with amazing light and tonal excellence of a Rembrandt. That he used layers of glaze, as opposed to my single Impressionist technique doesn’t offer much comfort. I did, however, do the cheeky addition…

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War Whistle

Oil on Linen 40cmx30cm Available for Sale $1,500.00 (Including courier fees) A warrior dance in Eastern Equitoria South Sudan. The orange beads seemingly incongruous with the hide bound horn of the whistle.

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My Life

Oil on Linen 50cmx40cm Available for sale $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) A mass of paint smears, an old man in Torit South Sudan. An usual combination of burnt sienna and gold orca

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Oil on Canvas 50cmx50cm Available for sale $2,500.00 Kirsten introduced me to Alexi Von Jawlensky, who painted with Kandinsky which inspired the colours of his portraits. While primary colours predominate in much of his work, I used his colour contrasts as a basis for a much gentler portrait of Guy. The turquoise, raw sienna and…

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Oil on Linen 40cmx50cm Available for sale $3,800.00   Lakes State, South Sudan, a women stands amongst the warriors of the ‘White Army’. Resolute in her serenity.

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Oil on canvas 102cmx76cm   Available for sale $8,500.00 The light, reminiscent of a Rembrandt portrait. The composition gave me a tough time as it didn’t seem to sit comfortably on the canvas. I changed the orientation of the painting to give the portrait more space to breath. It seemed appropriate to use the last…

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Preacher Man

Oil on Canvas 67cmx102cm   Structured on the Fibonacci spiral to give the portrait its focal point, and to cocoon the portrait. An ethereal protection of the priest, whose soul has been ravaged by war. His Indian heritage gave direction for the colouring used in the painting, with a subtle yellow undertone, contrasted with black…

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What Could Have Been

Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm ‘What Could Have Been’, portrait of a homeless women. Perhaps a fitting title on the eve of the American election that is reverberating around the planet??. Her gentleness, and beauty shinning through the hardships of her life. A glimpse of what could have been. In a different world. Based the portrait…

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River Hippie

Oil on canvas board 71cmx56cm Available for sale $3,800.00   The face of Stephen Ross Hogge, of Chesapeake blue crab (the basic colours of the painting) fame, is somewhat different to what I was expecting. He looks more like a Musketeer than a fisherman, and I’m not sure he will be overly thrilled with the greenish tinge!…

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Knysna’s Finest

Oil on canvas 102cmx76cm Available for Sale $5,800.00 (Excluding shipping) The herbalist who has a table on the odd occasion amongst the fruit and vegetable vendors near the taxi rank. His dreads piled up under a beanie in the traditional Rasta colours.

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Oil on canvas 76cmx102cm Available for sale $6,800.00 (Excluding shipping and insurance) Sculpting with paint. Minimal, bold strokes. ‘Homeless’, my portrait of a man at Wit-lokkasie. The angular contours of the face reminiscence of a sculpture. His dark skin, and the composition in profile, strengthening the angles.

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Guitar Man

Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm Available for Sale $6,800.0 (Excluding shipping)   A hint of craziness in the portrait of the Guitar Man.   Vibrant turquoise colour from Charvin, combining with the gentler raw sienna and rose madder to add life.

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Oil on canvas 102cmx76cm For the portrait of the young homeless women, I decided not to do the curtain of dreads that were part of the reference photo’s, but rather let her defiance scream at the world that judges her. For the hair, I used a wad of tissue to rub out sections of the…

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Oil on canvas 102cmx76cm The sun scorching. A red hat outside the Route 62 wine shop in Ashton. The face of the car-guard, full of life and energy. An internal, economic migrant, his story is one of survival, hardship and marginalisation. A reflection of much of our society. Yet his strength and pride at doing…

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