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Out Boating

Oil on Canvas 50cmx50cm. Reserved A romantic painting of one of the wooden boats that sail on the lagoon. The women in her black dress. The man in his Panama hat. Combined with the historical boat seemed perfect for an impressionist painting at the height of summer. Lights and shadows in the painting echo those…

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Forest Walk

Oil on Canvas 120cmx90cm Available $3,800.00 Excluding Courier Fees and Insurance A painting from the forest above Knysna. A palette based on the coloured lichen that grows on the forest floor. I focused on shadows and light, rather than on individual aspects within the green world of the forest. From my magic box of paint, Van…

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Angel Shadows and Sunbeams

Nieu-Bethesda. Shadows from the ‘Owl House’ sculpture garden and the sun motive from the windows in the house woven into a typical street scene of a typical small Karoo town. Soft tones, indicative of its calmness. An underpainting of Naples Yellow. Peach tones, a mixture of Indian yellow and Quinacridone Rose. Permanent Magenta and Ultramarine Blue, the…

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Top of the Hill

Oil on canvas 60cm x 90cm Available for sale $1,800.00 Yellow cotton balls of colour on thin read stems caught my attention on the turnoff to Springer Bay. With the summer heat, the fynbos has changed. From the rainy season greens to grey renosterveld, sprinkled with a gazillion blue flowers like Christmas lights. Against the…

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Horsing About

A horse powers from the canvas. A strong vertical composition, full of youthful exuberance. Kids at play in Nieu-Bethesda. I can’t paint horses without a reference to Sir Alfred J Munnings. His paintings filled with free brushstrokes and great blobs of paint. Less technique, than his inability to judge distance between canvas and brush as…

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Hoekwill Forest

Oil on canvas 90cmx60cm Available for sale $2,500.00 (excluding shipping charges) Elephants in the forest at Hoekwill Forest Station. Colours of tree lichen, that touch of Cezanne. Turquoise a more contemporary approach. I simplified the painting with an increased focus on tonal aspects to add mystery and allow the mind to determine shapes in the…

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Dogs Life

Oil on Canvas 110cmx76cm (From a photo by Berend) Available $2,800.00 Excluding Shipping and Insurance I wanted to catch the movement of the dogs with minimal definition. Sculpting them with blocks of paint. I kept toning down the pallet, to convey the gentleness of the light across the lagoon. Burnt sienna for the dark areas,…

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At the Norval

A moment at the Collector’s Focus: Nudes in the Sanlam Art Collection’ at the Norval Foundation.  ‘….a refined elegant woman appreciating the gallery’s exhibition on the eastern wall. She must have looked at the main frame ….and asked if she was in that scene somehow….. somewhere.. lost in motion for a moment …’

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Boy and his dog

Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm Available for sale $2,500.00 The beach paintings of Joaquin Sorolla are full of movement and life, capturing the innocent pleasure of children in particular. This, my inspiration for the painting of the Boy and his dog. Bold strokes, on an underpainting of Naples Yellow that pushed into the abstract expressionism boundaries for the…

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Clivia Basket

Oil on Canvasn 120cmx150cm Available $5,750.00 (Excluding courier fees) Brenda’s observation that the branches over the clivia’s at Babylonstoren looked like a basket were the inspiration for my painting. Tough not to get drawn into the detail on the large canvas. Concentrating on tone, form and energy. Creating calm within the brilliance of the flowers

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Forest Phantom

Oil on Canvas 70cmx110cm Available for Sale $2,800 excluding courier fees Finished fighting with my painting of the forest. A bunch of colours used in the painting that haven’t been part of my pallet for awhile. A forest floor of Yellow Ochre, Mineral Violet Light, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Naples Yellow Light, Cobalt Blue, and Magenta.…

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Oil on Canvas 90cmx120cm Available $3,800.00 Excluding Courier Fees   The forests are bursting with spring flowers. Yellow, purple and white blossoms.   I wanted that slightly misty, ethereal quality to my painting of the Forest.   Summer lightness, and brilliance. Without being insipid.

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Kom Sit

Oil on Canvas 60cmx40cm Available $2,800.00 (Including courier fees) Around Stellenbosch are sculptures of people sitting on benches. Part of the ‘Kom Sit’ street art installation connecting people. I used the installation, together with one of the street men who roam around the city for my painting, ‘Kom Sit’. The inclusive, connecting people of the…

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Oil on Canvas 100cmx30cm Available A place to let your imagination ride on the endless swells. Calm. Serene. Placing the horizon line a tad more complicated than I thought. Particularly as the aloes were the focal point of the painting, which would suggest a higher horizon with more foreground. However, this made for a heavy…

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A Hint of Pink

Oil on canvas 50cmx60cm Available for sale $2,300.00 Cosmos flowers, one of those subjects not to touch. Partly as there are a gazillion paintings depicting cosmos, and partly as they are an autumn flower that don’t occur on the Garden Route. However, stopping at Delish in Heidelberg, there was a bank of pink cosmos flowers,…

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A Moment

Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm Available for Sale $2,400.00 Excluding courier and insurance charges A couple sitting at the Heads. I wanted capture the joy of the moment. Bodies coiled with mirth. A bit of a fight as I wasn’t getting the figures to ‘jump’ from the composition. Instead, they were fading into the background. One…

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I used the knuckles of my hand to create the ‘lumpy’ affect of the water below the breakers, and the edge of my hand for the breaking wave. A line of slightly darker toned water leading to the surfer which I painted with quick strokes, the black of the wetsuit against the water, enough of…

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East Head Path

Oil on Canvas 122cmx91cm Available for Sale $ 3,800.00 Excluding shipping and insurance A series of vertical lines falling down the large canvas in a drunken stagger. An article on Colour and Composition, notes that horizontal lines suggest peace and tranquility, while vertical lines inflect the painting with strength, courage and authority. The diagonal line…

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Erica’s Dance

Oil on Canvas 124cm x 91cm Indigenous Erica’s growing at J9, with a touch of artistic license. The painting has a strong masculine left, with a gentler feminine right has side. The red flowers, smaller to balance the dominant colour, especially with the orange gold underpainting. Pink Erica flowers gentler against the softer pastel like…

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