The new nation of South Sudan.


It’s future still being determined through violence and conflict.


Chaotic. Exhausting.


Sunday Papers

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm Available for sale $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) A man sitting on a sack of sorghum reading a news paper that is probably disappearing from our futures. The bag of sorghum is from the supplies handed out to the displaced in the Protection of Civilian camp. That its in the market, an…

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Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Available $1,500.00 (Including courier fees) A painting of huts on the easel that reminds me of Monet’s haystacks. It started out as huts against the skyline. Empty of life. The earth scorched by the sun. Echoing the hopeless consequence of war. Watching the sunrise, full of promise, drums and singing from…

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Impala Lilies

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm Available $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) On my jog I noticed the stunning pink and white star flowers on a succulent looking plant, which I’m sure are the summer impala lily, (Adenium swazicum), also known as the Swazi lyli. The sap and tuber is reported to have tremendous medicinal properties, if toxic…

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Oil on Canvas 60cmx50cm Available for sale $3,000.00 (Excluding courier fees) A painting of rural South Sudan, Eastern Equitoria countryside, reminiscent of a Thomas Baines landscape. Using the amazing skies over Juba to create the movement his paintings are known for, as well as colours that mimic his palette to communicate the harshness of the light…

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Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm Available $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) In the book ‘Something is Going to Fall Like Rain’, by Ros Wynne-Jones set in South Sudan, there is story about how heaven and earth were connected by a rope so that they could visit each other at anytime. However, mankind broke his pact with God and…

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Customs Market

Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Available $1,500.00 (Including courier fees) Alongside the busses departing for Kampala from Juba, women sit on the edge of the road, their wares spread around them for the inspection of people rushing past. Their vulnerability and bravery, amongst the chaos, were the key elements I wanted to capture, using a small…

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Juba Skies

Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm Available $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) I used the smooth texture of the linen to increase the translucency of the sky, selecting colours and paint brands that had a high transparency index. The focus was on keeping the painting simple. The string of yellow-billed kites soaring on the thermals created by the…

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Oil on Linen 25cmx50cm From a photograph by Peter Hart Available $9,200.00 (Including courier fees) The refugees in Blue Nile, South Sudan. I wanted to catch their isolation, seemingly hopeless situation. Yet, let their vitality and will to live dominate. I didn’t have the large canvas I would have preferred, but perhaps being restricted in…

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On the Move

Oil on Linen 40cmx50cm Available $2,200.00 (Including courier fees) Punchy painting strokes of a painting of the Ambororo nomads that transit Maban from Blue Nile, South Sudan. A ragged bunch that have enormous curved ‘arcs’ mounted on their cattle that support the frames for carrying their possessions

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Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm From a photo by Takeshi Akamatsu Available $1,500.00 (Including courier fees) World Cup soccer final day seemed an appropriate time for a small painting of South Sudan kids playing the ‘Beautiful Game’ in the dusty streets. The coiled ring action of the shooter. Balanced perfection. The goal keep, a looming presence…

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Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm Available $2,500.00 Limited Edition Prints are available for $500.00 The conflict in South Sudan has been particularly harsh on women and children. Yet, they need to go on with the everyday requirements of cooking, cleaning, shopping and caring. My painting ‘Forgotten’, a women in the Konya-Konya market of Juba balancing impossibly…

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Juba Town

Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Available $1,500.00 (Including courier fees) From a photo by Elke. The road outside the UNOPS compound leading up to the banking sector. Remnants of Colonial Architecture remain amongst the emergence of glass and plastic. A tad nostalgic and romanticised, its Juba Town scrubbed clean by afternoon storms.

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