-    -  Tranquility

Oil on Canvas 120cmx90cm


A mokoro trip, in the Okovango Delta, is one of those things every adventurer needs to do, especially those of us who have coordination challenges. Not that there is any difficulty in balancing in a wide log that has been hollowed out, filled with straw and has an African version of a gondolier to pole you through the various channels that make up this fringe area of the delta. However, getting out presents moments that are best not captured on film. Fortunately, I didn’t fall into the water, when my leg refused to support me having gone numb from being sat on for an extended period of time.

A two and half hour journey bouncing over a rough track high in an open game-viewing vehicle, took us to the mokoro station, stopping at the village to collect our poling guides. Interestingly, there are woman amongst them, whose diminutive size seems to make no difference. At water level, your view is confined to the green tunnel between the reeds, the beautiful water lilies that cover the open areas and the clear waters of the Delta. Game viewing from this angle is almost impossible and they seem to have judged at which point you have lost all feeling in your legs before beaching the mokoros and taking you out for a walk.

Two hours of walking in the midday sun isn’t something to be recommended and we were grateful for the long sleeves and hats. We managed two elephant sightings, the second of which David and Shakes took us to within 50 meters, an incredible experience. A couple of giraffe and some bokkies were our other sightings before heading back after picnic lunch in the shade of sausage tree.