Reflections in the Boating Pond
  -  Reflections in the Boating Pond
abstract painting in a room setting
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An abstract, landscape painting of the cherry blossoms reflected in the sun-dappled waters of the Villa Borghese gardens, Rome.


Painted in acrylic paint on 600 hand-cut recycled plastic water bottle butterflies, pinks, greens and blues dominate the painting.
Uncontrolled mark-making of the paint on the plastic butterflies using salt-bush. Applying the paint to the back of the plastic butterflies means that the image of the final painting is the reverse of the gestural marks, which reinforces this uncontrollability.
The butterflies are fixed to the canvas in a geometric gris that takes its influence from the Abstract Expressionist artist, Agnes Martin and the plastic butterflies echo her Bricolage Works.
swiss art expo official selection