Portraits, Wildlife, Landscapes, Memories
  -  Portraits, Wildlife, Landscapes, Memories
Recent Commissions

Abstract Spring

Acrylic on canvas 80cmx110cm
abstract painting of spring

Collection of Diana Burnam

Granny’s Cottage

Acrylic on canvas 140cmx64cm
Impressionist Painting of Table Mountain

Collection of Sue Ilse, USA

Composition 5

Acrylic and Recycled Water Bottle Butterflies on canvas 100cmx70cm

Collection of Edith and Fredy, Switzerland

Lotus 3

Acrylic and Recycled Water Bottle Butterflies on canvas 110cmx180cm
abstract painting with recycled plastic water bottle butterflies

Collection of Stuart Leaf, London

Plett Dreaming

Oil on canvas 100cmx100cm
impressionist seascape painting commission

Collection of Holly Gruver

Deurmekaar Weskus

Oil on canvas 50cmx50cm
Award Winning Commissioned Portrait

Collection of Annalize


Oil on canvas 76cmx104cm

Collection of Sally Ann and Phillip Hodgson


Oil on canvas 170cmx70cm

Collection of Edith and Fredy

Pudgy Unicorn

Oil on canvas 150cmx150cm

Collection of Diana and Patrick Hefron


Oil on canvas 90cmx60cm

Collection of Pinny and Guy

Colourful Story of Leaves

Oil on canvas 120cmx120cm

Collection of Sally Ann and Phillip

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