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Oil on Canvas 50cmx40cm Sold An old man tilling a field in Piedmont, Italy. The colours, movement of the grass and white wild flowers reminiscent of Cézanne.

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My Style

Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Sold Portrait of a girl from South Sudan. I loved the flash of green from her hair extensions, a touch of defiance, that screamed attitude.

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Oil on Linen 40cmx50cm Early, the birds trying to get interested in the day, while the moon hides behind a bank of clouds. On the easel the challenge of a portrait of someone I actually know! A tad intimidating. The plan, to take from his personality, and keep it loose and unstructured. A bit like…

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Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm Sold Irises in one of the many gardens in Japan. Nothing fancy, a bunch of purple smeared around the canvas, creating an undemanding, restful, painting.

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Sun Hat

Oil on Canvas 15cmx15cm Sold At the swimming hole in the Cederberg, the sun hat screaming for attention. I kept the painting simple, using the small canvas to dominate

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Red Umbrella’s

Oil on Canvas 15cmx15cm Sold The Manor House at Zevenwacht, in Stellenbosch, with the dam its reflecting pool. A Van Gogh moment, with the red picnic umbrellas on the lawn. Using the red of my signature to balance the composition.

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Cascade of Colour

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm Sold The triad of secondary colours (Violet, green and orange) from colour theory basics, appeared naturally in the spring garden of Heather’s House at the Village. With the profusion of colour, the challenge was to find a balance and adjust the composition to ensure there was a focal point. Used a…

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Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm Sold At the bottom of the cottage garden, the deck under the pine trees is our haven from the afternoon heat of summer. The table and chairs blending into the late afternoon light, secluded, intimate privacy.

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Rose Cottage

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm Sold The Rose garden at Vergelegen with the old Rose Cottage that used to be the tea room. I worked hard not to get bogged down in the architectural details of the gable wall, to create that slightly neglected spinster aunt feel.

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Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm SOLD Blouberg beach at first light. Where dogs play. Surfers scan the sea for wave action. People walk along the miles of wide beach, senses assaulted by the fresh kelp. A couple of old men wonder the shoreline looking for anything that may have been brought in on the tide. The…

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Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm Sold A day pottering around Stellies, seemed to demand a painting of Stellies, with its rich tapestry of white gabled Cape Dutch buildings, mountains and oak trees

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Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm Sold The Manor House, at Vergelegen at the end of the pathway bordered by flowers. I tried not to get bogged down in my concern about creating an engineers depiction of the house, rather letting the grand gable wall of the house direct the painting.

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Waiting to Play

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm Sold The end of the season, and yachts lie abandoned for the winter months, or perhaps the next holiday to be taken out to play again in the Knysna estuary. I was reminded of a scene from the movie about William Turner when he takes a dollop of red paint and…

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The Light in Between

Oil on Canvas 70cmx110cm Sold The old ship bollard on the jetty at Thesen Island was the focus of my painting, ‘The Light in Between’. Yachts at anchor against stormy skies. I used three main mixes for the painting. Permanent Magenta (Daler-Rowney) and Ultramarine Blue (Malmeri) Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue (Lucas) and Permanent Magenta. And,…

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Beach Party

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm Sold Beach Party, a painting of girls on the beach. School is out and with the weather remaining sunny, if chilly, there are kids everywhere. The reflections in the water creating interesting pictures.

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Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm Available for sale $150.00 (Including courier fees) At day’s end, the light turns golden and a rowing boat on the estuary sits in quiet serenity.

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Waiting for the Tide

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm “I think this is very beautiful. It reminds me of the days when I’m waiting for my “tide” to come in….stuck in bed with fibro can feel like that a lot of the time. Just beautiful!” It’s not the millions that someone will pay for a painting that is the measure…

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Oil on Canvas 102cmx78cm Sold The composition of my portrait of Ernest wasn’t sitting correctly on the canvas. He felt either overawed by the space around him, or caught in headlight dazzle. I used the ‘Fibonacci Sequence’ to determine the golden points and cropped the portrait so his eye was centered on one of them.…

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Oil on Canvas 102cmx78cm Sold The composition of my portrait of Ernest wasn’t sitting correctly on the canvas. He felt either overawed by the space around him, or caught in headlight dazzle. I used the ‘Fibonacci Sequence’ to determine the golden points and cropped the portrait so his eye was centered on one of them.…

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Family Huddle

Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm Sold   Elephants squeezed by the boundaries of the canvas, giving them added protection from the hovering lions. The smooth canvas from the Tings-Tinga painters driving me nuts, as it has no texture to work with, which I am doing my best to use for a painting in the soft morning…

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Elephant Walk

Oil on Canvas 153cm x 95cm SOLD   Elephants by the zillion is part of why one comes to Chobe, and the afternoon river cruise didn’t disappoint. Two adult males cavorting in the water, and herd upon herd of family groups coming down to the river to drink. The youngsters turning the banks into mudslides,…

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Oil on Canvas 100cm x 120cm SOLD Tuli is resting. Catching its breath after a frenetic summer of growth. The last of the grass seeds glimmering in the sunlight. The herds of game statuesque. Content to enjoy the abundance created from the good rains, before the rutting season and the onset of winter. Elephants are…

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Clouds of Colour

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm SOLD Clouds of colour. Vibrant. Laughter. Looking down on the pattern which identifies Knysna. The waters of the lagoon, waiting lazily, for their chance to race between the Heads. An abstract approach to the skies and the shapes of the lagoon.

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Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm SOLD ‘Quays’, painted on one of the new heavy canvases that readily accepted the stronger impasto paint technique I used for movement of the water. Lafranc, Chrome Yellow medium the magic ingredient. A colour much favored by Van Gogh and increasingly difficult to find. For the darker parts of the water…

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Zanzibar Maple

Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm SOLD Zanzibar; mysterious, exotic and a tiny bit scary. At least, those are my Sunday School images. Trashed in the melee to get tickets, the crush and organized – sort of – chaos of boarding, to arrive at dereliction and squalor. At least the tiny part of Stone Town near the…

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Seaweed Collectors

Oil on Canvas 60cmx40cm Sold Seaweed gatherers at Paje has a host of the elements of Vettriano’s popular painting, ‘Dancing to the End of Life’, without the smulsh. To enhance the contrast of the figures, I kept the colour down, pushing the silhouette aspect against the shimmer of the sea. I used the Mediterranean colours…

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Blue Skirt

Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm Sold Occasionally a painting actually paints itself, effortlessly, as it was perceived, with depth, and emotion. A painting from the fish market, materialized from the canvas as though waiting for a pile of paint to be thrown at the canvas.

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Oil on Canvas 110cmx90cm (to be confirmed) Sold Off loading of the jahazi’s (Arab trading dhows) on the beach at Bagamoyo. The water is full of life, perhaps assisted by the transparent white, but the colour combinations also worked well to give movement and energy. The larger canvas giving space, the diagonal composition moving the…

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Girl in Yellow

Oil on Canvas 28cmx35cm SOLD I’m using the last of my French paint, the stuff at that has carcinogenic warnings on the labels, and the most amazing depth of colour. Particularly the yellow, which I used for the girls dress, the only colour in an otherwise ‘bland’ painting of Stone Town. To ensure I didn’t…

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Barrow Man

Oil on Canvas 80cmx100cm SOLD I feel a bit like Diego Rivera, honouring the worker, in my painting of the pineapple barrow from Hesta’s photo taken in Bangamoyo. The sculptured muscles of his back are made for Michelangelo, while the physical work of pulling a barrow load of fruit, in the heat of the day,…

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Spring Wildflowers

Oil on Canvas 101cmx70cm SOLD Spring wildflowers emerging from the canvas. A kaleidoscope of colours. I chose an intermediate canvas size (90x60cm) as there seemed too much going on for a small painting, yet the larger canvas would have meant abnormally large pincushion protea. Amongst the mush of colour, botanically, the Arum Lily and Pincushion…

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Blue Irises

Oil on Canvas 90cmx120cm SOLD I gravitate to Monet’s painting of Irises whenever I visit the Met. There is something in the loose style, on such a large canvas that captivates. With blue irises in season,  I decided to brave a larger canvas, with a focus on the architectural character of the flowers. An under…

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Waiting to Play

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm Sold The end of the season, and yachts lie abandoned for the winter months, or perhaps the next holiday to be taken out to play again in the Knysna estuary. I was reminded of a scene from the movie about William Turner when he takes a dollop of red paint and…

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A Taste of Summer

Oil on Canvas 102cmx76cm Sold Blue skies outside the studio, a bunch of white agapanthus with yellow and purple blossoms familiar to the painting taking shape on the canvas. Mum’s summer garden, with the last of the Flanders poppies creating a burst of heat.

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Walking with Giants

Oil on canvas 96cmx120cm Nedbank Charity Auction Elephants at the Knysna Elephant Sanctuary. The painting fighting with what I had in my mind. I didn’t use the very large canvas, which still rests waiting for its image to emerge. The composition is based on the diagonal lines across the canvas, with the two elephants in…

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Story Teller

For the portrait of Donavan, I used sepia tones, a break from the colour I normally use. I used the sepia tones to reflect the ‘historical’ aspect of Donavan who is a fixture at East Head Cafe, and his stories about Knysna and the people who have shaped it. A mixture of Burnt Umber and…

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Station 21

Oil on canvas 90cmx60cm (Donated to NSRI) From a photo by Berend, of the NSRI boat waiting to pass through the Heads. To highlight the bravery of the NSRI crew, and the enormity of passing into unknown seas and storms, the waters of the lagoon are an unsettled platform. The clouds and seas a maelstrom.

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Acrylic on Canvas 60x30cm SOLD The early morning light shines through a glass brick wall into my box, useful for my painting, a simple one, based on one of Bab’s amazing photos. On the floor smearing paint about the place, the acrylics unfamiliar, painting in frantic bursts before it dries, or I need to breathe.

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Oil on canvas 76cm x102cm SOLD He works on building sites at the Heads. Hard as Stinkwood, with skin the colour of tannin filled waters, it feels as though he is one with the Forest.

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Feeling the B

Oil on canvas 102cmx76cm SOLD ‘Perpetual Blues’, the band we watch on a Saturday at Dry Dock. As one of the band members wasn’t playing on the day I took the pictures that formed the reference for the painting, I took the opportunity to do a painting that had a strong positive and negative space,…

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The Fisherman

Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm SOLD Tossed on the sea of life. His hoody, a halo of protection, insulating him. Retreating into the anonymity of its darkness. Within which his eyes stare unwaveringly. Raw Sienna mixed with rose and a touch of Naples yellow gold as the base colour for the portrait, with the grey of…

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Belly Roll

Oil on canvas 76cmx102cm Sold A child at ‘Wit-lokasie’, one of the girls in the dancing troop at Melvin’s restaurant. Vibrant colours jumping from the canvas. Purple madder (Ferrario 38) one of the colours from my magic box is finished, which is a bother. Fortunate I still have Monaco Madder (Ferrario No.41) that I’m using for…

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Oil on Canvas 90cmx120cm SOLD A cheery, summer, painting from Mum’s garden. The intensity of the roses a bit unexpected, creating a balance for the intensity of the blue sky. A tad more detail than I was initially looking for.

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Life’s a Bitch

Oil on canvas 76cmx102cm   SOLD Mediterraneo colours from Malmeri for they eyes of the portrait. The turquoise green colours of the estuary in summer. ‘Grittiness’ of the paint adding sparkle to the portrait of a man in the sunset of his life.

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