-    -  Quays
Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm

‘Quays’, painted on one of the new heavy canvases that readily accepted the stronger impasto paint technique I used for movement of the water.

Lafranc, Chrome Yellow medium the magic ingredient. A colour much favored by Van Gogh and increasingly difficult to find. For the darker parts of the water Monaco Madder (Ferrario 41), a deep purple colour from my magic paint box. Quinacridone Magenta and Indian Yellow (Windsor and Newton Artists Oil). A grey of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue (Utrecht Artist Oils). The paler parts of the water used Napels Yellow Light (Maimeri) with spots of Rose Madder (Daler-Rowney). I contemplated using blue as a key colour in the water to create a different dimension to the painting, but ended up staying with the yellow pallet.

The high transparency factor in many of the paints, creates interesting colour movement under variable light conditions.

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