-    -  Strandlopers

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm


Blouberg beach at first light. Where dogs play. Surfers scan the sea for wave action. People walk along the miles of wide beach, senses assaulted by the fresh kelp.
A couple of old men wonder the shoreline looking for anything that may have been brought in on the tide.
The ‘Strandlopers’. The beach their home. The sea their treasure chest.


  • Laura Goldstein

    Hello, always wanted a piece of your art and I thought I was finally buying a small one. The other day I paid for Strandlopers via PayPal which I thought went throughbut I’ve not heard that it actually did. I anxiously await your ans

    September 2, 2017
    • Hi Laura,
      Sorry you did not get me email. The painting is all ready to courier across to your address, but I need a contact telephone number please. Kind regards Jan

      September 2, 2017

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