Wild Side
  -    -  Wild Side
Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm

Seascape on the easel. Mocking me to convey the power, complexity, serenity, and endless moods of the sea, on canvas. It’s as if, by its changing, it defies representation. I looked at the Land-art of Andy Goldsworthy, and some of the Abstract stuff, but didn’t see anything illuminating.

The beach at the Goukamma, a marine protected reserve, at Buffels Valley, Knysna. The big surf made too much noise for Polly. Rocks and sea, amazing colours, as the sun came out through the clouds.

I used touches of turquoise as a rebellious colour. With a loose, flowing feel for the painting. Made possible by the creamy texture of Charvin white. Transparent Gold Ocher (Utrecht), a rich base for the beach.

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