Zanzibar Maple
  -    -  Zanzibar Maple

Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm


Zanzibar; mysterious, exotic and a tiny bit scary. At least, those are my Sunday School images. Trashed in the melee to get tickets, the crush and organized – sort of – chaos of boarding, to arrive at dereliction and squalor. At least the tiny part of Stone Town near the ferry terminal we were able to access after queuing for most of our available time to secure tickets for the trip back. Doing it in a day isn’t a realistic option.

The magic isn’t lost. The narrow winding street, retain their mystique, with shuttered balconies hiding a world of mystery. That it isn’t all perfectly restored, and maintained, has some sort of charm. A bit like a wizened old man, who may be a tad untidy, but has a twinkle in his eye and a wealth of stories. We will return.