-  Spring
woman dancing in c Central Park New York City

Acrylic on Canvas 60cmx90cm


At this time of the 3rd Covid wave, inspiration for the painting coming from the mind-shift to ‘Not hide from the storm, but learn to dance in the rain.’ Based on a photo taken in Central Park.
During my time in New York City, I admired the artists painting various aspects of Central Park. Something, I never did. Perhaps lacking the confidence to ‘Just Paint’!
The towers are the first twin towers historic buildings in New York City, the San Remo located at 174 Central Park West, between West 74th street and West 75th street.
Finally sorted the fresh spring green colours. A mixture of Cadmium Yellow Light and Chromium Oxide Green. Bringing life to the painting with a touch of Quinacidone Rose that Cézanne used used to ‘transform nature’.