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Reunification Train (Saigon to Hanoi) Before heading to the train we stopped at Annam Gourmet Market for picnic style meals of cheese, pate and nuts to last us for the 1700km, 36 hour train journey to Hanoi. Cabin bunks booked (two bunks in a 4 berth sleeper), with the assistance of the hotel ensured that we at least started the journey with valid tickets. Thunder

Sunshine Coast. Leg and bum muscles complaining their abusive treatment as we make the most of the pristine beaches that stretch to the end of the world. The sea gentle and cool enough to bring relief to sweating bodies. Even my skin has a sort of golden, beach holiday, sheen to it. It was the moons fault. Evaporating my wine. The bright light ensuring

Demonstrations in the studio filling the days between admin chores, keeping the studio windows cleaned after rain days and the crating of paintings heading to their new homes. The small paintings of sunbirds and protea have been sold and I will need to think of a new series to do. Perhaps I will revisit the seahorses? For the portrait of Johan, I used a palette

Thrilled with the Honourable Mention received at the 2016 London International Creative Competition for the 'Homeless of Knysna' series of portraits I have been painting. The focus, imparting, that while they are homeless they still have dignity, with their unique stories captured in each composition. First light found us zooming to Cape Town airport to get a painting to its new owners for their flight

Restlessness stirs. Sea siren, driven on the silhouette of a wooden cutter that sailed through the sunset. Carefree child, and her dog. Oblivious to the world outside her paddle board. Adventure beckons. Terry improving slowly. Stubbornly high blood pressure still a worry. The key, not trying to do too much. In my painting, elephants in the forest at Hoekwill Forest Station. Colours of tree lichen,

Adrenalin infuses each breath of Knysna as the Oyster Festival kick starts. Overboard for 29 hours, and surviving (a talk by Brett Archibald), seemed to make our 2 hour cycle insignificant. Although my sensitive bum might not agree! Somewhere between, storms and sunshine. Pizza. Red wine and laughter. Glowing fires and freezing hands. Worlds collide. This one. Gentle.  Lights in the studio changed to LED

There is something personal about Mountain Zebra. It doesn't have the freneticness of larger parks and there is a quiet gentleness to being held in the cupped palm formed by the mountains. The scenery is beautiful. With an abundance of flowering plants. Mauve Wild Iris and white Erica's. Reeds tipped with delicate blue. Mountains of polished boulders, under wide blue skies. Watching a bunch of

Addo Adventures We drove through the magnificent Titsikama forests, the roadside dusted with pink and a striking mauve flowering bush. Trees, tinged with yellow at the changing of season. Turning left from the sea, a sudden transition into the garden kingdom of the Addo Elephants. Smaller than their Northern brethren, dusted with red sands, they exude the carefree attitude of the surfers who call this stretch

A brief respite between howling winds coming off the lagoon. A hint of snow in the chill woven within the wind gusts. Yachts, playful. If a tad scary.   On the easel a painting of elephants at the Knysna Elephant Sanctuary. The painting fighting with what I had in my mind. I didn't use the very large canvas, which still rests waiting for its image

Juba Adventures 8th February 13 A day of smearing paint about the place. A painting of the ‘jump dancing’, which I find fascinating. You see school kids jumping in the playgrounds, and at the various ceremonies there are always a bunch of guys who are able to do the seemingly impossible. The canvas was smaller than I would have liked, but I'm still happy that