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Ho Chi Minh City (often referred to, even today, as Saigon) A day of sensory contrasts: humidity and air conditioned chills, stale water drains and wafts of incense, designer stilettos and slip-slops with toe-stockings, stilt houses, mirrored skyscrapers and a French-style opera house, Parisian pastries and Vietnamese Pho.  One of those turn at the red traffic light, go straight when they are green, catch the

The large canvas (1.8mx1.2m) has been released from where it was hiding in the canvas storage area. Zebra's from the Mountain Zebra Park, defending their foal from a hunting lioness. My hands and shoulders screaming at the demanding physical effort. I almost need to stand across the lagoon to get perspective on what it is I'm doing.  My running shoes have been out trying

Eddie's Innovation Dinner Challenge was to use an induction pan that works, with a pot (that doesn't work on the induction hob) inside it to cook the pasta sauce. We are waiting for confirmation of the ceasefire between anti and pro government forces, while there are reports that the pro-government forces have retaken Bor, assisted by Ugandan forces. In Juba, shooting was reported from

Juba Adventures 18 Jan 13 Dinner of left over terrine and pineapple from a lady who was selling sliced, peeled, pineapple from her barrow on the corner. The slices cost almost nothing, which makes me a tad embarrassed about how much my bottle of wine costs and how many slices of pineapple she would need to sell to pay for it. I did give her