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With the oven sorted, Terry did a stunning dinner in the apartment. A chilled cucumber soup with mint garnish. Herbed rack of lamb, which I cooked (Not quite long enough, as I didn't allow for the wind factor) on the Weber, served with aubergine, tomato and Parmesan cheese (Peter Goffe-Wood recipe) A desert duo of strawberry and chocolate mouse. A 2004 Rustenberg John

The house, suffused in the rich smell of oxtail in its three day stock that has everyone passing the house salivating. Craig and I, the lucky ones to enjoy Terry's stunning dinner. Polly, didn't miss out, and after her beach play, is groaning in dream-world. Beach Party, a painting of girls on the beach. School is out and with the weather remaining sunny, if

Sweltering. Trees, gasping at the warm air. Clouds full of mischief. Finished fighting with my painting of the forest, Forest Phantoms. An evening spent looking for the elephants in the painting. Those intended, and those created by our imagination. A bunch of visitors from the vineyards, popping into Knysna from their various holiday destinations. Hesta and William, the roar from the Harley, almost drowned by

Stunning sunset walk. Polly looking for mischief. Lines on canvas. The forest. With elephants trashing loggers equipment, it seemed appropriate to have an elephant in my painting. Or rather, the semblance of one. A bit of a struggle with what appeared to be a lifeless mass of paint on the canvas. As it has for hundreds of years, on the main road through Knysna, the

Strandlopers Oil on Canvas 30cmx30cm Blouberg beach at first light. Where dogs play. Surfers scan the sea for wave action. People walk along the miles of wide beach, senses assaulted by the fresh kelp. A couple of old men wonder the shoreline looking for anything that may have been brought in on the tide. The ‘Strandlopers’. The beach their home. The sea their treasure chest.