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Oil on Canvas 75cmx110cm A large, demanding canvas of the Cedeberg. The painting changing in the light, as do the mountains. Vibrant, surreal colours that transform into moody, somber shadow. While the rock formations were central to the painting, it was the tonal aspects that were the most challenging. The hiker, almost immaterial. Somehow dominant. Morning Walk detail

Cemetery Charcoal on paper 25cmx35cm At the foot of the stone cliffs in the Cederberg, an old farm cemetery sits gracefully. The gate at the entrance, an invitation and caution. I used charcoal to emphasize the power of the cliffs, and how shirt our time here is.

A spot of blood to start the year. Acting like 12 year olds, jumping from the rocks above the 'maalgat' into the pool of unfathomable depth. The water, amazingly warm. Managed to get a tad lost on our drive to Dwarsriver, taking the scenic drive out of Citrusdal after stopping to hunt down lemons, for a salad, of all things. The valley of Cederberg

Needles 25cmx35cm Charcoal and Acrylic on Canvas The 30 paintings in 30 day challenge seems like a good way to start the year. My focus for this will be to work on 15cmx15cm canvases to capture the essence of the painting with the minimum of strokes. No particular subject at this stage,as much will depend on where we spend the month. The first few days in