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Gentle walk, on a misty day in the vineyards. Legs still a tad wobbly from our walk up the mountain. Polly full of energy. The grapes, in the vineyards, turning purple. Still terribly sour. Lesa visit in for a few days which gave us the excuse to head out to Stellenbosch to walk around the sculpture exhibition. Draw pictures on the tables at

Trees, dusted with the pink and red eucalyptus flowers. Yellow-orcha, stone filed earth, shimmering in the heat of summer. Farm dam, relief in which children play with the freedom of summer holidays. The summer menu at Clos Malverne intriguing. Litchi, wrapped in ostrich and stuffed with gorgonzola. Overshadowed by the simple salmon with avo that was sensational. Succulent venison, delicately supported by the cranberry

Unexpected days filled with sunshine. The braai a must, and an excellent foil to Terry's cauliflower and bacon tart. Doolhof shiraz, living up to the hype. Rich and spicy. Francolins in the garden, churning the yellow flowering perennials. Camellias in full bloom. Pink and red brilliance amongst the green foliage. The winter garden starting to stir as thoughts of summer increase with the