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A sky of ultramarine blue, shot through with carmine and Indian yellow sunset clouds. The beauty of nature so at odds with the daily drama. The influence for a small painting (40cmx30cm) 'Sunrise over Jebel Hill', a brooding, cloudy sky full of mystery. Probably a tad more of an Old Testament feel about it, than the light Impressionist style I'm comfortable with. Renewed fighting

Soldiers on the streets of Juba Town on the way through to the office. All friendly, without drama. Passed a child running down the street with a tireless bicycle wheel in front of him and a stick to guide and keep it going. A scene from Dickens, that has crossed continents, culture and time. Birds chirping in the reeds, the bright red bishops preening their

Arrival in Juba Town a tad stressful as Immigration and Security officials did their best to make the entry into South Sudan as unpleasant as possible. Early start made possible by sleeping at the office. The cold shower still not my best start, even if the outside temperatures are on the 'warm oven' side of the scale. I slept well, with the added

Next lot of linen washed and sorted for the ever swopping of beds as we cycle people through Juba Town. Our Innovation Dinner in the new Tukal had a different twist with Sher deciding that his innovation was to use the local chefs who provide the daily food for us to do the cooking and to teach them how to prepare and cook Afghan

Eddie's Innovation Dinner Challenge was to use an induction pan that works, with a pot (that doesn't work on the induction hob) inside it to cook the pasta sauce. We are waiting for confirmation of the ceasefire between anti and pro government forces, while there are reports that the pro-government forces have retaken Bor, assisted by Ugandan forces. In Juba, shooting was reported from

Things in Juba Town today are peaceful, if tense. Mostly because the information we are getting doesn't tell us what is actually going on. We know that there are anti-gov forces to the south of Juba and we see more evidence of tanks moving in that direction, but the reports from people coming back to Juba from Uganda say the roads are quiet

Tonight Juba is quiet, with kids swimming in the rivers and playing amongst the rubbish, and goats, that is piling up on the streets. Apparently, the shooting in Juba last night was due to soldiers being drunk on duty, and criminal elements in the early hours of this morning. There was a short burst of fire at around 8am. Fierce fighting is going on

We are doing our best to share the dinner duties around amongst the guys who are camping in the houses at Juba 3. Something that we may change in the next few days as we expect another three to be coming in which will make a cook necessary. However, for now, I think there is something of a Cooking Innovation War going on.

The sun didn't rise this morning over a cool Juba Town, hiding behind a veil of haze. The drive through to the office from Juba 3 a series of snapshots of how long the road back is for this troubled country. Empty streets this early soon after the lifting of the curfew, as people move out of Juba at night to hide in