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Pixie cafe, in Østerbro, a part of the city we had not visited before. With the weather still cold, but not freezing, we walked through the park accompanied by early dog walkers, before the city changed into residential mode. Baby strollers, joggers cyclists, competed for the section of pavement that the shipowners hadn't commandeered for displays and special offers. The smell of coffee

Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper 25cmx35cm Branches of Magnolia blossoms in the restaurant, that Terry noticed were slowly opening more each day. Around Copenhagen, many of the windows have large glass vases, with branches of opening blossoms. Spots of colour against the flat greyness.

The world quiet, blanketed in mist for the 50 minute walk to the office. Alongside the water, I was accompanied by Gods, Legends, Hero's, Nursery characters, Monuments and Dreams. Trees bare sentinels, branches etched charcoal through the whiteness. White, redefined by the stark beauty of a swan. Incredibly, with winter still holding tightly, a bank of yellow blossoms. Excellent hot smoked salmon and a

We are in a very clean, streamlined apartment in Copenhagen. A zillion steps away from the house in France, which was full of character, dirt and an eclectic mix of horror. Again, our lives in the vineyards are unbelievably rich and spoilt. To be savoured and appreciated. An interesting aspect is that our luggage is somewhere in Charles de Gaul. The freedom of traveling

A huge moon over Juba Town, the roads still wet from the evening shower. A bit concerned about the presence of military at the main intersections, certainly not helped by the firing of shots. I don't think my running style is that bad?! Still, I turned off the main route, using side roads which are a tad more difficult to navigate, even with a

Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm For Sale $2,400.00 Copenhagen, on a bright spring morning. Children dancing amongst the flowers from the spring bulbs starting to appear in the parks. The delicacy of their tutu inspired skirts, mirrored in their graceful movement.

The travel schedules brought us into Copenhagen with enough time for a cappuccino, and a stunning Danish at Lagkaghuse, before we walked across the city to Kelley's apartment for dinner, along one of the canals in a very smart part of the city. The weather was too cold to stay outside for long, where the weber was doing the cooking, and we bunched