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A dunking in the estuary, on a beautiful autumn evening, not the greatest thing to do to your iPhone. There was, one of those moments, where I had one leg caught on the boat while one tried valiantly to find solid ground. Failed dismally. Studio after the holiday. A bunch of admin sorted. A bit of blood on a shin that lost a bunch

'Princesses for a Day’, my painting of Lauren and Livy. Purple of royalty amongst the rich colours of the background, while butterflies lead them through the magical garden of their imagination. ‘The butterfly children play, dance and sing all day long with their little brothers and sisters’. Master Chef final dinner at J9. Clare did a clever plate of tapas to start the evening.

First ‘Wearable Art’ 100% silk scarves with my paintings sold and heading to new homes. Orders for the next batch received with a few adjustments made to the art work. ‘Irises’ design painting finished, adding an additional option to the range. Working on an elephant painting that is also designed to be used as a scarf painting. The link to the website sorted

Angel shadows and sunbeams, the Nieu Bethesda scene in my head for the canvas in the studio. An underpainting of Naples yellow. The softer tones indicative of the calmness of this small town, with the sculptural elements, and sunbeam floor polish, of the ‘Owl House’ in the shadows. Yachts and whales at sea on a sparkling day after a run to East Head Cafe.

My balance isn’t the best. My coordination nonexistent, and I tend to get lost a great deal of the time, yet cycling through the Forest, some thought it a good idea to let me find a path through the mud. The Forest, after the rain, breathtaking. With the fire keeping the apartment cosy, the weather seemed to dictate a comforting salmon-pasta sort of meal.

'He ain't Heavy' Oil on canvas 2,0mx1,5m Crazy dreams. The bunch of antibiotics to sort an abscess from a broken tooth? ‘He ain’t Heavy’, the large (2,0mx1,5m) abstract-impressionist painting of elephants at Addo Elephant Park. Although the large strokes of pure colour, applied in bursts of energy give the painting an abstract-expressionist slant, creating a large, vibrant work. The ‘wall-easels’ flexible enough to accommodate the large painting

Nieu Bethesda Half of this world is blue. Half, is dust! Prince, sporting that ever so trendy ‘ash’ hair colour. Dust. Brilliance, of purple wild iris, amongst the grey dust. In many ways, Nieu Bethesda has the same feel as Frida Kahlo’s Mexico. The odd brilliantly painted house amongst the cacti. That, slightly weird, alternative, lifestyle where the art, in this case, is infused by

Easter, the overnight storm giving way to a sky of beautiful fluffy clouds. Cold gremlins a nuisance. No jogging. Terry in bed with Pneumonia a bit of a bother.  The painting of the 'Refugee Girl', has sold. A difficult painting to sell given my emotional attachment to the South Sudan paintings. What was incredible, is that an artist - struggling with a painting -